Vendor Partners

Vendor Partner Overview

With more than 100 vendor partners, Vision Trends is committed to building strong relationships with product and service companies that are committed to the success of Independent Optometry. We go the extra mile when negotiating best-in-class programs on behalf of our membership. 

Designed to Build an Independent Practice from Ground Up
We know how to build practices from the ground up!  Our founders are committed to supporting the inception of new practices, because they know the ins and outs of opening a practice from concept to construction, and from financing to filing insurance claims. We offer vendor partner solutions across all business functions from financing to phoropters, and lighting to lenses.

Vendor Partner Choice for ALL Aspects of the Practice 
We value the relationships with have with our Vendor Partners and work hand-in-hand with them to offer the best product and service solutions for our members. Vision Trends recognizes that you are the owner of your practice, and our approach to product service sourcing gives you the flexibility to build your practice the way you think best.