VT Insurance Solutions

VT Insurance Solutions

Vision Trends offers a variety of administrative services to support members interest in growing and improving their practice's insurance business.

Insurance Guide

The VT Vision Insurance Guide is an online resource to assist members in navigating the unique administrative steps required to verify eligibility and administer claims for more than 40 vision and health care insurance programs.

Members have access to this valuable resource by logging into their secure member portal which contains the latest news, vendor programs and practice building resources to power up their profitability.


Our credentialing team will take care of all aspects of the credentialing verification process for each insurance program, making you available to treat more patients.

This program includes: 
  • requesting participation on insurance programs
  • comprehensive plan and timetable for submitting and processing credentialing applications
  • monitoring all applications and contacting insurance companies on your behalf
  • application submission for Medicare and Medicaid numbers for new optometric physicians
Insurance Administration Training
Many practices just need additional knowledge and expertise to manage their insurance billing processes. Or maybe they have a new staff member that needs to be trained in the complexities of verifying eligibility, filing, tracking claims and reconciling EOBs.

Vision Trends offers two solutions to support its members' insurance training goals. We will contact you in advance to determine the training topics and prepare an action plan to maximize the session.
  • In-House Training: we will host up to two staff members at our Vision Trends Administration Office spending one full business day tackling tricky issues you and your staff have experienced so you're better prepared going forward.
  • On Site Training: a more comprehensive, hands-on approach to assess current processes and design the best practices for your insurance billing process.
*Our On Site Training includes: comprehensive needs assessment, identifiying and documenting staff roles, review and develop billing procedures, train billing staff, create operations guide, post visit follow-up calls.

Outsourced Insurance Billing Services

Vision Trends administers insurance billing for members interesting in outsourcing these services. Each practice is assigned a dedicated VT claims billing specialist.

These services include:
  • assessing current billing practices and outstanding insurance claims
  • establish operating procedures between Vision Trends and practice(s)
  • submitting medical/vision claims
  • ongoing claims maintenance to ensure timely claims submittal
  • posting claims payments
  • managing claims denials and appeals
  • provide monthly reconciliation and reporting
  • working with practice to identify and resolve common payment/denial issues

Vision Trends is committed to the future of independent optometry and these services are another way we help independent practices remain independent. If you would like more information about these and any other services and programs Vision Trends has to offer, please contact us.

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