Our Story

Our story is YOUR STORY

After participating in other doctor alliances for nearly 20 years, Drs. Douglas Inns and Michael Toups started their own optometric alliance to protect the success of independent optometry, first and foremost.

They envisioned a doctor alliance that put the success of its practice owners first...and wasn't driven by the ups and downs of a publicly-traded, optical product manufacturer or the profiteering of a venture capital or investment banking firm.

A fiercely independent alliance, where independent optometrists would have the freedom to choose the best products and services for their patients and still manage to grow their profitability.

In 2007, Vision Trends was born, and today includes more than 300 members in 30 states who seek a fiercely independent, solutions driven and truly transparent doctor alliance. Drs. Inns and Toups still practice today in the North Houston metro area, serving vision care patients and doctors alike. Because they are both still practicing optometric physicians, they stay attuned to the ever-changing needs of their eye care patients and the challenges facing independent optometry.

There are other doctor alliances out there; however, Vision Trends is the only truly independent alliance, owned by practicing optometrists, committed to your optometric practices success.

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