The Vision Trends Advantage

The Vision Trends Advantage


  • We are fiercely independent. We were co-founded by two Houston-area optometrists committed to the success of independent optometry more than 30 years ago and still committed to this ideal today.
  • Because our owners still practice in their own private practices, we are always driving to deliver innovative solutions to address the real needs of our membership and help our member practices succeed.
  • Lastly and most importantly, we believe in being truly transparent. Our leadership is readily accessible to all members. We continuously engage with our members, keeping you up-to-date on the latest news, vendor offerings and VT exclusive solutions.

With two distinct membership programs, your profitability is always our priority. Our Affiliate and Profit+ member programs both have no-cost for termination, meaning no risk to you, plus:


Members can access ALL negotiated discounts from more than 100 vendors

  • Both Affiliate and Profit+ members can access ALL negotiated discounts
  • Quarterly rebates paid based on your actual sales* 
  • Participation in cost-saving, profit-building - Practice Building Programs
  • Vision Trends Annual Meeting brings you the latest savings from our best supporting vendors, at exciting, family-friendly venues
  • FREE CE in many major cities, supported by our vendors and available several times a year
  • FREE practice management and practice building meetings each year

Here's where we really separate ourselves from the doctor alliance pack:

  • Vision Trends is open to all independent optometric business owners interested in joining like-minded business owners, large or small, single or multiple practices, we are always interest in helping independent practices remain independent. We offer reduced costs for additional enrolled practices and special programs for new practice owners!
  • Since we're not a franchise, there are NO brand requirements or hidden franchise fees or costs to get out of your agreement. We believe (insert your practice name here) can best succeed in your community with your own unique brand and that begins with your unique practice name.
  • We believe that you get what you pay for, so be leery of those doctor alliances and buying groups that offer "free" membership. With two types of mem berships, we have a solution that will support your practice budget and likely pay for itself in short order. And if you aren't satisfied with your membership, there are no hidden costs or contractual terms to leave the group.

* Affiliate Members receive 100% of the eligible product rebates based on their net sales as defined by the Vision Trends and preferred vendor agreement. Profit+ Members are entitled to the negotiated discount and a portion of their earned rebates based on their actual net sales as negotiated by Vision Trends and the vendor. Vision Trends members are responsible for contacting vendors to connect their vendor accounts to the Vision Trends programs.