Profit+ Membership

Vision Trends Profit+ Membership

Profit+ is our newest membership option: a monthly, subscription based plan. You choose when the time is right for you to join, you choose when to stop receiving membership benefits, all based on your needs. Plus, it's the perfect way to see if the Affiliate membership would bring even greater benefits to your practice.

You still get access to all vendor programs and solutions as well as Vision Trends exclusive solutions suite as you would as an Affiliate member, but Affiliate members get priority access and even used for pilot programs. 

What this means for you:
  • access to Spectera Reimbursement Program without the lens requirement
  • access to exclusive VSP In-Office finishing pilot program for progressive lenses
  • receive all negotiated discounts and a portion of rebates
  • monthly subscription, no cancellation fees
  • open to all practices, regardless of size...there are no minimum requirements to meet
The differences between Profit+ and the Affiliate membership:
  • Affiliate members receive 100% of rebates, Profit+ members receive a portion of the rebates as dictated by each individual vendor program
  • Affiliate members participate in pilot programs, Profit+ members have to wait until programs are fully released
  • Affiliate members sign a 5 year contract with a 60 day, no cost termination; Profit+ members are on a monthly plan, with immediate cancellation if the member wants to opt out.

Both membership plans are designed to bring you increased profitability and sustainable success for your independent practice. Join Vision Trends and grow with us!