Insurance Solutions

VT Insurance Solutions

Vision Trends has cultivated an expert team of billing solutions specialists ready to provide your office with the help you need.

Outsourced Insurance Billing Services

Our Billing Solutions department has the expertise to file, appeal, correct & maintain your Major Medical & Vision claims and reconcile ALL insurance checks into your practice management software. Your office would only be responsible for filing Superior, VSP, Davis & Eyemed OPTICAL claims (or any optical claims that you are ordering the product when filing). Our team's goal is to provide the best service available, to ensure your confidence in our work. We pride ourselves in offering the following services with each of our billing service options:

  • Evaluate and submit medical and/or vision claims to ensure maximum reimbursements

  • Accurately reconcile insurance payments and evaluate that your patients paid their correct overage/copays/deductibles

  • If applicable, submission of secondary claims or coordination of benefit claims

  • Monitor and manage accounts receivable to ensure timely payment on outstanding claims or denials

  • Research and reprocess unpaid or problem claims

  • Serve as a resource for overall insurance questions for your staff

Insurance Administration Training

Vision Trends also offers solutions for practices wanting to keep their optometric billing services in-house. We offer both on-site and remote insurance billing training for your staff. We will train your staff on insurance eligibility, insurance claims filing (both medical & vision), reconciling your insurance payments, help create billing efficiencies in your practice, as well as, training on how to research and clear up outstanding claims.


Our credentialing service covers a time period of 12 months from the date of the agreement and includes UNLIMITED medical/vision contracts during that time, including Medicare and your state’s Medicaid. 

 Our credentialing team…

  • Contacts all insurance providers that you are currently participating on to gain statuses, effective dates and provider IDs if applicable 

  • Keeps your CAQH up-to-date and do your quarterly attestations,  

  • Ensures currently credentialed insurance providers have access to your CAQH, for you and your associate optometrists 

  • Provides credentialing status updates and assists with onboarding once approved  

  • Services any demographic or practice updates/revalidations that are needed during that time period 

Vision Trends is committed to the future of independent optometry and these services are another way we help independent practices remain independent. If you would like more information about these and any other services and programs Vision Trends has to offer, please
contact us.

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